Couple reviewing paperwork with their mobile notary by their side

Notary Services

Whether you are looking to sell a vehicle or purchase your first home, easy booking and fast scheduling are just a click away.

Vehicle Transfer

Selling your Vehicle

Power of Attorney

Legal Representation


Written Statements

Living Trust/Will

Estate Planning

Medical Directive

Make your wishes known

Real Estate

Purchase, Sale, Refi, HELOC, etc


International Document Certification


New or renewal


You will need to bring one of the following forms of approved identification 

  • State issued Driver’s License or ID Card
  • Military ID
  • Passport


Call if you have questions about your ID.

No.  Notarizing a document only validates that the signer personally appeared in front of the notary and subscribed or affirmed to the truthfulness of the document.  The Notary Public has no authorization to state that a document is official , true or correct.

In most cases yes, wherever you are at the time of notarization, will be listed on the notary certificate as the “venue.”  The venue determines the specific state laws that are to be followed when notarizing a document.  Every Notary Public is bound by the laws of the state they are commissioned in. 

Yes.  We can travel to most any location you are comfortable with. 

A notary public is an agent for the state.  They are appointed by the office of the Secretary of State to witness by and official seal and written acknowledgement, or jurat, the signing of documents as well as administer oath.

Depending on the type of documents you are signing will determine the length it takes.  As short as a few minutes to over an hour.  

It typically comes down to two factors, the documents you are signing and the distance the mobile notary must travel to meet you.  

The answer is simple: yes, they are as credible as regular notary services. 

The only thing that makes mobile notary services different from regular ones is that the notary public comes to you for the procedures. Whether you require loan signing, estate document signing, or other notary signing services – mobile notary services provide these regular services at your doorstep. This reduces your commute and gives you convenient options.